Orange County Eco Awards 2014

Parker Properties Wins USGBC’s “Most Sustainable Developer” Award Parker Properties was chosen as Orange County’s Most Sustainable Developer on September 25, 2014 at the Newport Beach City Hall. The purpose of the United States Green Building Council’s OC Eco Awards is to honor accomplishments in sustainable practices and to educate the Orange County public about sustainable places and businesses in the County. The companies and individuals who applied for these awards are leading the way in terms of sustainability and green practices in Orange County.

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The Top 20 Good Cities

Good Magazine and their almost daily e-mail blasts are inspiring and always enlightening sources for understanding what office tenants, retail customers/shoppers, young (and old) people, and communities are wanting from places they live, work, and play…and where these cities are headed.

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Office Campus Design Factors

Pay attention to the community vibe and character and needs of local constituents. Be authentic (non-Disneyland.) Offer a sense of surprise and opportunities for human moments (people are looking for experiences and connections).

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Art as Placemaker

Outdoor public art can be an effective place-making element to the Next Great Workplaces and community centers…especially if interactive, edgy, provocative, surprising, and fun.

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Objective of today's office space

• Create an environment where employees can be optimally productive. • Increase workplace utilization and office densities to significantly reduce property costs. • Maximize flexibility. • Encourage interaction, communication, and collaboration. • Attract and retain staff. • Create a sustainable, timeless workplace.

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The active lifestyle and community factors

The consumers, workers, and local community seem to all want basically the same place to do their thing. That is, an authentic, local mix of commercial uses in the most desirable "best location”. This new mixed use model necessitates an organic and artisanal focus that emphasizes sustainability, the locale's character, health, and opportunities to ‘do stuff'. Taking advantage of Southern California's indigenous features such as our coast and weather, the active lifestyle, and landscape are the key components of the next great workplace strategy and design.

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A Blog about workspace, community, and place-making

The design factors of the next great workplace and the cool new place-makers will dramatically change the way we work, live, and play. The design factors: • Authentic to the constituents and community • Healthy lifestyle • Experiences and activities • Entertainment/Play/Fun • Culinary (food, drink, and ingredients) • Efficient and sustainable • Organic and holistic • Kids- pets-electric cars-bikes-shuttles • Week nights and weekend activity • Technology clusters and UCI • Art- interactive, changing, and fun • Millennial and Baby Boomers • Mobility–touchdown zone- new hours

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New Hospitality Model

Bunkhouse Company (Liz Lambert) has created four unique and themed small boutique hotels in Texas including the Hotel San Jose’ (with its iconic Jo’s Coffee next door) and the St. Cecilia in Austin. Perhaps the most interesting (and radical) hospitality concept is her El Cosmico in Marfa West Texas, described as a unique communal outpost clustered with renovated vintage trailers, yurt structures, teepees, an elm grove full of hammocks, and community lounge.

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